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Here’s how much you can make:

    • $100 Pickleland credit for every successful referral of an annual membership.
    • $10 Pickleland credit for every successful referral of a monthly membership.
    • 10% commission for sales of other Pickleland products such as leagues, set times, but excluding tournaments, drinks, food, snacks and/or any products equal or under $10.

    Your first store credit will be issued on Aug 31 (since we have a risk-free cancellation policy on our founding memberships). Future credits will be issued 30 days after the end of each month. 

    How it works

    • Sign up below and get your unique link
    • Share it with friends
    • If they click on your link and make a purchase within 7 days, you earn a commission! 

    Bonus Perks

    • Refer 3 people to a membership → earn a Pickleland shirt 
    • Refer 6 people to a membership  → earn a Pickleland hat + 2 free hours of court time 
    • Top referrer for the 2024 season by commission amount → earn a Pro Paddle 

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